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Clever Cargo Pockets - Bright Lights

Clever Cargo Pockets - Bright Lights

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Can your vehicle use some organization? Don’t want to lose valuable space for passengers and packages. We have a perfect storage and organization solution for you. The unique Vehicle Storage Cargo Pocket is the solution.

Use the back of your seats as the perfect storage and organization opportunity. This versatile storage container features 5 pockets that span across your backseats for the ultimate car organizer. Made of easy to clean Polyester. It attaches easy to the headrests and sits securely in place.

The uses are endless from a roadside safety kit to kids toys and activities to vehicle must haves that clutter up your trunk. Store the ice scrappers and fix a flat easily while not losing any valuable room. Be a road trip maverick and fill it up with games, snacks, and comfy accessories to eliminate the issues and maximize the memories.

DESIGN - This purpose and function of each product is how we approach our designs. The Cargo Pockets starts with material. The 100% Polyester makes it durable and easy to clean up. Next is function, We designed the system to maximize space with 5 pockets without making it cluttered or making the containers to small to hold most common items. Available in 3 Color Ways, Solid Black, Modern Links Pattern or Bright Lights for a pop of fun.

PURPOSE - Our vehicles are more than simply a means from point A to B anymore. With a new design and higher price tag year after year they have become an extension of our personality and needs. Much like in our homes, organization is crucial to saving time and having peace. In vehicles the second is more important as unsecured items can be thrown around in emergency breaking situations and if we are ever in an accident. The Cargo systems purpose to to address these main areas. Peace of Mind to avoid injury from needed items, More space and organization by stowing items away for when needed, but out of eye shot when not. Finally durability, when we take the time to implement a new item, we want it to last, These are built from the ground up to do all of the above

USES - This storage system has tons of uses. Whether for the kids for books, electronics, games, and more or for necessary vehicle must haves like fix a flat or the ice scrapper, these hold it all. In our world of SUVS this can also compliment a tech station. Hold cables, cords, battery back ups and more. Whether creating a mobile office or the ultimate road trip vehicle, this is it. Have a hobby, does it contain gear like hiking or photography, this is the answer. Store all the gear for the best outings with this storage system. Do you work from your car, this is perfect as well. Keep your vehicle clean of debris but have it all at your fingertips.

PERFECT GIFT - Whether just to say I love you, or hey you can use this, or a major holiday this is a special, unique, and thoughtful present to give anyone to show them you care. We have always heard the saying its not what it costs, it is the thought behind it. This fits that perfectly as it doesn’t break the bank but tells the receiver you wanna give them back time and make their vehicle even safer.

HOW TO INSTALL - Its a breeze with 2 straps over the headrests It sits flat and secure to hold it all in its 5 pockets. Comes as one single unit ready to place and use.

BENEFITS TO ORGANIZING - to make your vehicle look its best getting all the necessities off the seats and floor make it always look tidy and make your time peaceful. It is also is safer, especially with kids to avoid flying objects in an emergency breaking situation and when there is a true issue, have water, safety gear, and must haves to get you through it like a hero.

Width: 46"
Height: 13"
Depth: .25"

100% Polyester

Do Not Machine Wash
Wipe with a Damp Cloth
Use Mild Soap Only
Air Dry

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